Nitrite In The Hot Dogs Of My Youth

Sciences In the Mural Of Life

Rewritten: November 2014 I had filtered the tone and content of the original piece written in 2011 for fear that it would not be published on a conservative website that once hosted my blogs, but I’ve decided to reveal the rest of the story.

hotDogI hope that Health and Welfare Canada guidelines for certain additives are a bit more stringent than they have to be to help compensate for possible loose play on the part of industries. When I was a student and shortly after I graduated, I analyzed fat content, dextrose and nitrite levels in hot dogs and other meat products for a well-known company. I’m not naming the company because for all I know they may have mended their ways. Also, I never gathered evidence that the whole industry was or is guilty of the things that I witnessed.

Nitrite (NO2) is added in small quantities to preserve and to…

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