Why so Few Tree Species in Quebec?

The total forested area on Earth is 4.06 billion hectares. 90 million of those hectares, of which 92% are publicly owned, are in a province of Canada called Quebec. It's a vast area of trees, twice the total area that's within Sweden's borders. 1 out of every 45 hectares of the world's forests are in... Continue Reading →

Covid-19 and the Loss of Smell

In a little more than half of people infected with COVID-19, the sense of smell is compromised. Compared to people with other respiratory issues, those who test positive for COVID-19 are 27 times more likely to have smell loss while being only 2.2 to 2.6 times more likely to have fever, cough or respiratory difficulty.... Continue Reading →

God and Evolution

Many years ago I had a hard-working student who started by loving the introductory biology course I was teaching. We had started off with the section on unity, which emphasized the similarities in life forms from the point of view of cell structures and basic biochemistry. He had no issues with that. The next part... Continue Reading →

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