The Craft of Teaching

This meme appeared on a teachers' Facebook group called TeacherGoals. Predictably, within 11 hours, it gained 900 likes among its 159 000 followers . The saying is something I've heard often throughout my teaching career. Variation of approaches is at the disposal of every experienced teacher, who will use them successfully.  But as is the... Continue Reading →

Tackling the Problem of Scientific Semi-Literacy

We are all too aware of individuals and organisations who borrow vocabulary from science without necessarily being scientific. Usually their efforts are not beneficial to society. And although they are often exposed, like figures of organized crime they either continue to thrive, or they are merely replaced by others.  Pinning the problem exclusively on the... Continue Reading →

Horizontal Propaganda: Impact on Science and Education

In the book Propaganda: the Formation of Men's Attitudes, Jacques Ellul argued that although hubris may lead intellectuals to believe that they are immune to propaganda, it influences everyone. Intellectuals are more equipped than the average person to explore a variety of issues, but their curiosity exposes them to a vast volume of literature, generalizations and out-of-specialty ideas. Since they do not have the time to explore everything... Continue Reading →

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