Relativistic Effects In Your Wedding Ring

Boundaries between academic disciplines are like borders between European countries. They're crossed without blinking. You can't understand what's going on in your gut without knowing its chemistry, and gold's properties make little sense without considering special relativity. Gold is in the same periodic table family as copper and silver, but while its siblings form patina... Continue Reading →

Wasp On Deck Applied Physics

Two summers ago, I was eating fruit in the sun when I noticed that a wasp had found a fragment of my pear on the deck. The piece was only about a centimeter cubed in volume but heavy enough to prevent the wasp’s takeoff. Soon after its unsuccessful straight-up takeoff attempts, the wasp dragged the... Continue Reading →

Hey, Don’t Disrespect Galileo!

An article about Galileo in io9 makes the tiresome and unoriginal argument that if Galileo had been a little more tactful, his former friend, who later became Pope, would have continued to tolerate Galileo's heliocentric views. The article is entitled "Did Galileo get in trouble for being right, or for being a jerk about it?"... Continue Reading →

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