The Science of House Dust

    Let's venture into the science of house dust so that, at the very least, we will make the act of dusting seem far less prosaic. Since 40 000 tons of space dust falls on our planet's surface, some of it makes up the dust in our homes along with Earth's own stony fragments... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned From The Sandoz Disaster

In 1986, on the border of Switzerland and Germany, 1350 tonnes of highly toxic compounds suddenly went up in flames at a warehouse belonging to Sandoz (now part of Novartis). The fire brigade responded promptly and put out the fire in about five hours. But to do so they used millions of liters of water. Due to inadequate catch basins at... Continue Reading →

Keep Track of Pollutants in Your Neighborhood

In 2011, I had stumbled upon the Commission for Environmental Cooperation(CEC), a group run mostly by a council of environmental authorities (cabinet level or equivalent) from Canada, Mexico, and the United States. They created a great web site which allows informed citizens to keep track of pollutants.  The CEC's mandate is to compile and disseminate data of... Continue Reading →

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