The Alcohol-Cancer Connection

Alcohol is categorized as a class 1 cancer-causing substance. Does that make it as dangerous as other proven human carcinogens such as benzene and heavy cigarette smoking? Generally, no. However, it doesn't mean that the findings should be overlooked, especially with regard to certain types of cancers. Not surprisingly, the risk tends to increase with... Continue Reading →

Black Mamba Spice: A Cannabinoid Cocktail

One of the most popular recreational drugs in recent years has been Black Mamba. Until a few months ago even eBay sold it as an incense or herb mixture, but it is actually intended to be smoked like marijuana. Drug merchants lace the botanical materials of Black Mamba, a spinoff of Spice, with various synthetic... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Keys: What Neuroscience Reveals

Originally appeared in November 2011 There’s an advantage to misplacing something, provided that one could find it, because in order to locate the object, one has to play with the mechanisms of memory. The common search method, usually effective for contextual memories, is to retrace one’s steps—that’s about as exciting as eating boiled cauliflower. My... Continue Reading →

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