Learning About Marijuana From Washington University

Whether or not a drug is legal, simplistic slogans, scare tactics and moralizing never help people make responsible choices. Education is the best tool we have, and Washington University has put together the most readable and up to date marijuana web site I have seen. While being fairly comprehensive, they do not pretend to have all the definitive answers.... Continue Reading →

Blood Pressure Linked To Gut Bacteria, Bread Preservative & Nasal Receptors

That biology's four themes--- unity, diversity, continuity and interaction--- are constantly at play is obvious in a good paper published last month by Jennifer Pluznick and fourteen other lead researchers throughout the United States and France. Background Information Propionate (or propanate) is the anion resulting from the split-up of propanoic acid. It's used as a... Continue Reading →

Monsters From The Armpits

They would have made sculptors drop their chisels. The two women were preparing lunch for us when my friend suddenly became self-conscious of his armpits' stench. There was no deodorant in sight, but I assured him we could easily concoct something before they returned from the kitchen. A bit of ashes and soap should do the... Continue Reading →

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