Heat is said to rise. Then why are mountain tops colder?

When heat is said to rise, we are referring to only one of the ways that heat can be transmitted---convection. Focusing exclusively on convection is what creates the conundrum. But what is convection? The warmer molecules of a fluid like air will move apart and become less dense. As a result their weight will be... Continue Reading →

Pourquoi j’aime le Québec

My wife and I lived and worked in Hawaii for a year— living there on a short-term basis was enjoyable, but the decision to move back to Québec was a wise one. Here are reasons why I find Québec endearing . Deep-rooted conflicts have been settled here rather peacefully. In the early 20th century, Québec and... Continue Reading →

Two Offbeat Questions About Greenhouse Gases

In science, something fruitful can arise from innocent or atypical questions.  One of many examples of this was a recent query in Quora, " Can chlorine be potentially a greenhouse gas? Why or why not?" Here's what I wrote, but I've since added a little more detail. Short answer , no.  🙂 Now here's why.... An infrared spectrum is used to check... Continue Reading →

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