Magueijo’s Brilliant Darkness

On several occasions while rereading Magueijo's Brilliant Darkness, I asked myself how I managed to forget the author's particular insights into Ettore Majorana's and Enrico Fermi's characters. The answer lies in part with how we underestimate the fallibility of our memories and keep forgetting our constant tendency to oversimplify.  Equally important is the way our constant... Continue Reading →

I ragazzi di via Panisperna (The Boys of Via Panisperna)

I have been often drawn to the beautiful aspects of nuclear physics and yet appalled by some of its applications in the realm of war and politics. Did practising scientists, specifically those who initiated the nuclear revolution, experience moral dilemmas?  By probing into the lives of such pioneers, the so-called boys of Via Panisperna (I ragazzi di via Panisperna), I found among them an entire gamut of... Continue Reading →

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