Compounds like tBHQ in McDonald’s Fries Complicate Life

If one knows nothing about tBHQ, a preservative that prevents oxidation of oils used in processed foods, popcorn and in McDonald's French fries, a Google search will lead to a variety of information: (1) Some people who may be raising legitimate concerns about the additive make themselves easy prey for attack by revealing that they are chemically... Continue Reading →

EpiPen Basics

An epiPen is a lifesaver. Anaphylactic shock is often a quick and severe allergic reaction to things like insect bites and stings, foods ingredients, penicillin or other allergens. In those affected, the skin shows the most common symptoms: hives, flushing and itchiness. The lips, tongue and throat often swell. Swallowing and breathing can become extremely difficult. But the epiPen quickly offsets the body's... Continue Reading →

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