Reasons Not to Ban Clotheslines

It's always tempting to use a simplistic view of our surroundings because, in the short term, it seems to conserve mental energy and make us more practical. But in many cases, and certainly in the case of clotheslines, the opposite is true. Let's start with an apparently trivial fact about a clothesline. No matter how... Continue Reading →

Science from An Old Bucket of Water

If you climb a hill, you will notice that the trees are not perpendicular to the slope. With some variations due to wind, tree trunks generally meet the horizon at a right angle. Similarly, if you are collecting rain water with an old bucket on a slanted driveway, you will notice that the water level... Continue Reading →

Life at the End of Quantum Tunnels

Recently a biochemistry student told me that her classmates looked like they had seen a ghost when their professor seemingly took a left turn from a lecture on cellular respiration and started to discuss quantum tunnelling. But this 90-year discovery keeps surfacing in different contexts, reminding us that without the tunnelling effect, there would be... Continue Reading →

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