Reasons I Love Chemistry

Love is irrational. Creating a list of reasons why you love your mate will not make your neighbour fall in love with the person . Well--- hopefully not! Similarly, my list of reasons for why I love chemistry will probably not make it your lifelong passion, but it might make you respect chemistry a little... Continue Reading →

Science Education in High Schools

Teaching is a craft; what works wonders for one instructor and group of students may have mediocre results in a different class. So many variables affect success that it's difficult to objectively assess the impact of one particular teaching technique, let alone an entire educational philosophy. Even success has its shades of grey. Long-term goals should be prioritized, but... Continue Reading →

How Ghosts Helped The Best Of Schools

When I was hired on a short-term contract basis to run some chemical analyses for a federal marine biologist, I was reminded again that not all scientists are happy with their careers. Discovering that lipids are the main energy source for arctic marine zooplankton is not exactly an earth-shattering revelation. Understandably, I learned through my supervisor's... Continue Reading →

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