Deserving Fame: the Trembling Aspen

People who grow plum trees in their backyards or farms realize that these plants not only reproduce sexually by means of their fragrant flowers, but they can also establish a ramet. A ramet is a colony of clones produced by roots that surface from the ground and which then develop into full trees. Barring mutations, the... Continue Reading →

Why Elephants are Special

As Kenyan conservationist Daphne Sheldrick mentions in a BBC Witness Interview, the poaching of elephants persists due to poverty in Africa and demand for tusks from eastern Asia. And although any poaching is shameful, that of elephants is especially poignant because they are highly social and intelligent mammals. And being tuned in to chemical compounds I have to point out... Continue Reading →

Pizza, Math and Ecology

A sleepy high school class typically gives an incorrect answer to the following question: If a 10-inch pizza sells for $10, how much should you pay for a 20-inch pizza, assuming that price only depends on mass? Their typical response is $20. But as you know, the correct answer is $40 because if price is proportional to mass... Continue Reading →

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