The Phobia of Chemophobia and a Better Path for Science Education

I've long been annoyed by complaints about chemophobia and by those on war path to combatting it. But I stumbled upon some fresh air when I read a Scientific American guest blog by Chiara Ceci, who at the time of writing worked for the Royal Society of Chemistry. “We found that people’s views on chemicals... Continue Reading →

Into the Mind of an Adolescent Learning Math

I came across a clever application of the quadratic formula on Youtube. Tom Rocks, an Oxford mathematician and the video's creator, uses the dimensions of a soccer net ("football net" anywhere in the world outside of US and Canada) and the maximum diving range of a goalkeeper in all directions, to obtain the radius of... Continue Reading →

What is Scientism? What is Science?

Broad fields of human activity such as art and science are difficult to pin down with a dictionary definition. The same is true of many isms, whether we are discussing capitalism, socialism or scientism. So if we're going to argue that scientism is not science, we have to start by explaining what each one entails.... Continue Reading →

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