Game of Poisons

Get the correct area code and phone number by matching the following clues with the number above the correct element or compound. Some numbers appear more than once. The answer is an actual and very useful phone number: that of the Quebec Poison Control Centre.This poison enters the body through a bite and blocks cell receptors for the messenger acetylcholine.

poisonGame a) Its (+1) ion is similar in size to K+1. As a result it affects enzymes that are normally activated by potassium ion. Depending on the dose, either your hair will fall out or you may cease to be.

b) Unlike most metals this one is a poor conductor of heat and electricity and it accumulates on the surface of bones, allowing its alpha-emissions to damage DNA.

c) This poison is named after a planet, which in turn is named after the Romans’ name for the blind god of the underworld.

d) The antidote to this poison is another poison listed on the phone buttons above. One drop of the former on your skin may be enough to kill you.

e) This molecule blocks the production of the messenger molecule, acetylcholine. In small doses it causes the eye’s pupils to dilate.

f) Acid rain leaches this poison out of treated wood. It goes on to accumulate to worrisome levels in roots of vegetables that are grown in its vicinity.

g) Like real estate agents say, ” Location is everything.” In the stratosphere it protects us. But at ground level, this gas irritates both eyes and lungs.

h) Its oxide is one of the least soluble. Only one atom will dissolve in a million litres of water.

i) After seeing her slave die painfully from this extract of deadly nightshade, Cleopatra opted for asp-venom instead.

j) Its atomic number is one higher than uranium’s, and it has a half life of 24 100 years.

answers….scroll down

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  • a. 8
  • b. 0
  • c. 0
  • d. 4
  • e. 6
  • f. 3
  • g. 5
  • h. 0
  • i. 6
  • j. 0