Temporary Sign Off

P1120963In the same way that family has given me more satisfaction than serial relationships, and that a teaching career felt better than odd jobs, no matter how diversified, book-writing hits a deeper chord than blogs, essays and magazine articles. I am new at it, and I have no illusions of getting published, but what matters is the feeling of being committed to a bigger writing project, one that’s devoted to a field that gives us so much insight into  our senses, nature and industry, all of which help our species survive. That field is one of three central sciences: chemistry.

Thanks you for reading my blogs. Hopefully, you will read my book. If not , you can always return to my blogs! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Temporary Sign Off

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  1. Good luck in your writing adventures. Thank you for your insightful posts, which I have always enjoyed. If you ever publish your book here you are sure to have one reader.


    1. Thank you Hernan. ‘Always appreciated your comments. Well, it won’t be published, but it will be available online for free, whenever I finish it. Some parts will be from old blogs, but not too many. I’ve already used most of those, and I still have 60 000 words to go! ‘Wish you the best in your research. 🙂


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