The Marriage of Art and Science

The need for a bridge between science and religion is overshadowed by the greater a need to have the arts and sciences coexist in harmony in our day- to-day existence. Both endeavors are made possible by leaps of imagination, and in principle, they should not be elitist and subservient to wealth. They should strive to improve the human condition and to free the world from hunger at all levels and to free it from the constraints of all isms, politics, and superstition.

Geosmin and linalool, molecular models of two pleasant smells superimposed over Henri Rousseau’s dream. Science accentuates the arts; there is no conflict among them, as is often assumed.

It is such a thought that inspired the following:

To his myopic eyes, light floods the gaps in the cathedral of leaves overhead, and the size of the spaces oscillates while the verdant mass loses the boundaries that artificial lens temporarily focused.

He is transported to a moment in his childhood when he stood on a picnic table in awe of such a tall tree.

Soon after, he entertains another pleasant thought, of leaf pigments absorbing photons, ejecting electrons and getting them back ultimately from water molecules, which split and create an energetic potential through proton gradients. And one of the eventual products of that process, hexanal, diffuses into the air, latches on to the right combination of nasal receptors and the signal unlocks more memories of crawling under a fence after being called in for lunch and having his face brush against the grass.

The time has come for a marriage between art and science..

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