What Kind of Student or Teacher Are You?


Factory students and teachers copy whenever they can get away with it. True students and teachers value their own work. Factory students and teachers only perform for marks and money. True students and teachers expand and apply what they learned, even in their free time.

Factory students and teachers imitate electrons, choosing the path of least resistance. True students and teachers get stimulated when challenged.


Factory-types mistake information for knowledge. The others prioritize concepts and skills, even when there seems to be no immediate benefit to gaining them.

Factory students and teachers over-consume paper and goods and have no regard for their school’s energy consumption. True students and teachers tread lightly with regards to their ecological footprint.

Factory students and teachers love to socialize in schools but mostly to avoid work. True students and teachers value people and work together toward common goals.

We have all been both. But it’s time to get the truth out of the factories.

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